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Hello, my little pumpkin. You're just in time. I need your help to make my spells work.

Click on one of the bottles of magical ingredients to select a spell. To cast different spell, choose another bottle.

To go all the way back to the beginning, use the Run Away button, below.

Thanks for your help. This will be great fun!

When you're finished, go see my sister, Tippity Witchet, at her Windmill House. She's written two lovely ditties about Pumpkin Pirates, a cute piece about a Ghoul Bus, and an strange little tale about a Striped and Spotted Purple Pigmoose. She's such a clever dear!

She also likes to tell stories about me which I find most embarrassing because they reveal my "good" side. See Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies and Frogwart and the Painted Airplane. You might at least enjoy the parts where I play tricks.

If you're ready for a different kind of fun, join me, Tippity, and our friend Weebit Cuckoo as we explore the
Deep Blue Sea. Don't miss my favorite
creepy creatures.

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