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. . ... February suggestions Safari
Dragon's Face
Children love adventures. Take them to see a real, fire-breathing steam enghine.
this is for all ages
Enjoy notes and pictures from six exciting railway journeys. Join us in Australia, England, and the USA. See links at bottom of Fun With Trains page.
this is for all ages
Rev Awdrye
The story behind the stories will make you smile.
this is for all ages
three baby crocodiles
Have fun with fruits, vegetables, colors and baby crocodiles.
this is a preschool favorite
... . ...
Safari pages are here
Join Jeremy and Nicole on Safari in South Africa. Meet wild animals in their native habitats. See super photos and learn about 18 beautiful animals.
this is for all ages
New Valentines Day Gift Booth
This little booth is full of flowers, cards and candy. Add it to your Miniature Village or give it to someone special with your own Valentine's message. Real gift cards fit neatly inside, by the way.
this is for all ages
Meet Spinner, the writing spider
spider holding pencil Frogwart's patient pet spider will show you how to make each letter of the alphabet as often as you like.
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
... . ...
picture of small airplane
Frogwart plays a trick that doesn't turn out the way she expected in this colorful story.
this is for all ages
Understanding spatial concepts is much easier with a little help from our collection of critters. There are even some animals to print and move around the house.
this is a preschool favorite
image of an egg carton
The bakers are very busy today. Can you help them decorate cakes or arranged baked goods in the shop window? Lots of fun!
this is for all ages
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