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You are invited to submit one or more of your child's stories. If you are a teacher, you may send a collection of stories from your class. If we choose to publish one of the stories you submit on, we will send you a Young Writers Workshop T-shirt with the "Published Author" graphic shown below to give to the child.

We read all stories that are sent to us and generally pick one or more toward the end of each month to publish at the beginning of the following month. If we have enough submissions, we may break them into different age groups.

Parents and teachers should send stories and a completed submission form for each child to the following address. We can't publish without a parent's or guardian's permission.

Mail story and form to:
Young Writers Workshop
Chateau Meddybemps
P.O. Box 1054
Newburgh, IN 47629

Because of the volume of submissions, we cannot return submitted stories. So, please make a copy for yourself before you send a story to us.

If we don't choose your child's work one month, we might the next. Also, you're welcome to submit additional stories whenever your child writes them.

There are no rules or guidlelines for the stories' subjects. You are welcome to use our Story Starters, but you don't have to. Children may draw their own illustrations if they want to or submit a story without artwork.

We welcome stories from children living outside the United States of America and have published many. The stories do need to be written in English.

We try to pick writers of different ages and skill levels to encourage all children to write. We look for stories that other children might enjoy reading because they're fun or on a subject important to children. Sometimes, it's simply good to see different endings to our Story Starters.

We will continue this project as long as there is sufficient interest and participation. As of February 1, 2012, We have published 95 stories written by children around the world.
Click here to see a page showing how chosen stories will be presented:
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