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(A Rollicking Good Parlour Game)
Infectious Charades is believed to have originated in France in the eighteenth century. By the early nineteen hundreds a mutation known as Acted Charades appeared in England. Despite the constant efforts of medical practitioners and social scientists to eradicate The Game, it has lived on, in one form or another to the present day.
Our version is called Charades d'Chateau. It was discovered (or diagnosed) by the Second Bean Steward of Chateau Meddybemps(TM), Brother Mischievous, during the great deluge of 1922. Legend has it that he and a dozen other Flavorful Brothers were pulling an all-nighter to keep the bean cellar bailed out during a monstrous tropical storm. Whenever a lull occurred, they passed around vintage beans for refreshment. It was during one of these respites that the Charades broke out. Once the storm had passed, the infection spread through the rest of the island's population in less than a fortnight.
The distinction (and the fun) of this version of The Game lies in the use of words, phrases, titles, and names found on the Chateau Meddybemps Web Pages and any you'd care to add. For example, Napolean Beanoparte and Sidney Beanstreet are famous persons. Bean Hur and The African Bean are well-known films. You get the idea.
To prepare for and play Charades d'Chateau, see these pages:
Objet d'Charade and Necessities
Preparation and Rules of Play
Conventional Gestures & Signals
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